Disney Dates: The Master List

50 Disney Dates features 10 dates from 5 categories of Disney Movies. Our criteria is rather malleable, as there are so many Disney movies and many fit into other classes (for example Brave or Princess Mononoke are arguably Princess movies, but aren't included there) and there are excellent movies we'd love to include (like Brother Bear!) which, for the sake of a nice and even number we have decided not to. Though if 50 DD's is a success, we might expand on that :] Until then, in no paticular order, meet our master list!

Disney Princesses

The Little Mermaid//Cinderella//Snow White//Sleeping Beauty//Tangled//
The Princess & The Frog//Atlantis//Aladdin//Beauty & the Beast 

Disney Legends

Alice in Wonderland//Pocahontas//Mulan//Pinnochio//The Sword in the Stone
Treasure Planet//The Hunchback of Notre Dame//Hercules//Peter Pan//Tarzan 

Disney Animals

The Lion King//Bambi//Oliver & Company//The Fox & The Hound//
Robin Hood//Dumbo//The Aristocats//101 Dalmations//Lady & The Tramp


Monsters Inc//Finding Nemo//Toy Story//Cars//Wall-E//Up//
A Bug's Life//The Incredibles//Brave//Ratatoullie

 Disney & Studio Ghibli


 Kiki's Delivery Service//Spirited Away//Princess Mononoke//Ponyo//The Cat Returns//Howl's Moving Castle//Tales from Earthsea//From up on Poppy Hill//The Secret World of Arrietty
Undecided: My neighbour Totoro? Castle in the Sky? Valley of the Wind?

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