Friday, 31 August 2012

Coming soon!

Hi, guys! Im so sorry Max and I have been so absent! We've been up to some Disney Dating but mostly, August has been consumed by the surprise enterprise of buying a freaking house! So, Max and I have moved a few provinces over to Canada's Capital, Ottawa; where we've been living in a tent while we house shop!

You can see why blogging was a bit tricky, no?

But things are getting back to normal-- we've finally found the place (We're proud new proprieters of a property on Aladdin Lane. Perfect, right?) and we'll be moving in in 2 weeks! Eep! So now its a matter of finding some furniture and getting everything sorted and moving between places while starting classes. Sounds fun right?! But we have some special Disney and ish dates to share: A side trip to PEI on our move over led to an impromptu evening at Avonlea, and then Disney will be taking back over!

Sorry to keep you all waiting. As soon as we have our own internet again, I'll share some pictures from our adventures! Until then, hope you all had a great August- I cant believe it's gone already!

Talk soon,

Sarah & Max

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