Wednesday, 11 July 2012

50 Disney Dates

Let the Games Begin!

Well, I've been struggling over how to start this, this much more personal project than my other foray's into the online blogging world. But I suppose the best way to start is to just start!

My name is Sarah, and I'm a 20something lady living in Halifax, NS (for the moment, anyways- things change fast around here!) with my Fiance, Max. I'm Canadian, he's Dutch; I grew up ranching for a living, and he's vegetarian; I'm a bibliophile and he's dyslexic. But in spite of some obvious and often humerous differences, we go together like the sky and the stars. Like the beach and the sea. Like a rose and a garden, like thunder and lightning. Like Walt and Disney.

Which brings me a little closer to my theme here. At the moment of course there's no one to read this, and its a shout into the dark where a million others are shouting out their thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams. But Max and I have a beautiful thing and I'm proud of it and often in awe of it and even just for me I want to record our moments and our time together because time always moves so much faster than I expect it to and I always want to remember everything (but never do). So I'm going to write it down for me; and if I'm lucky, maybe it'll speak to you, too.

But I wouldn't just blog about a love story. In part because our love story began quite a while ago. Instead, I'll start in the middle but with a new adventure:

50 Disney Dates

10 Disney Princess Dates: The original Disney classics, from Snow White to the more modern Enchanted; 10 Disney Animal Dates, including from dogs to lions and everyone in between; 10 Disney Legend Dates, classics, featuring fare which doesn't quite fit elsewhere, such as Alice in Wonerland and Pinocchio; 10 Pixar Dates, bringing in the new era and changing up our movie fare, and last but not least 10 Disney/Studio Ghibli Dates, bringing something entirely different but equally magical to the table, for a grand total of 50 Disney Dates.

The plan is simple: Watch a movie; plan a date inspired by the movie; and plan a meal inspired by the movie ('meal', by the way, will be loosely interpreted. Not everything eaten will live up to full meal standards.) And the key: enjoy, be inspired, and fall further in love with the famous magic of Disney. Will Disney live up to the challenge? We will we be able to think of 50 unique and affordable dates? Well, I guess you, me, and my computer will find out! 

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